Australian Open Finals Results 2017

Hi everyone,

The Australian Open Finals 2017 have now ended. The Australian Open 2017 started on the 9th of January and it has now come to an end but it has brought on some really good tennis matches that were very entertaining to watch. The finals this year were very good and competitive. These are the results of the Australian Open Finals for 2017.

The winner of the Men’s Singles was:
Roger Federer (Switzerland) making it his 5th title of the Australian Open.
Here we was playing Rafael Nadal who is one of the best tennis players in the world and been very impressive in his stint in the Australian open showing that he still has it at the age of 30. Although it was Roger Federer who took home the title at the age of 35 and this finals game was very entertaining.

The winner of the Women’s Singles was:
Serena Williams (USA) making it her 7th title of the Australian Open.
Serena was playing her older sister Venus and it was a battle of the Williams to see who is the better sister. Serena has proved to be the better sister in the past as she has won more than Venus. Although it was a tough matchup for each other and Venus did fight hard there was no love lost as her sister Serena won 6-4 and took home the title. This made Serena Williams one of the best women’s tennis player on record.

The winner of the Men’s Doubles were:
Henri Kontinen (Finland) making it his 1st title of the Australian Open in doubles.
John Peers (Australia) making it his 1st title of the Australian Open in doubles.

The winner of the Women’s Doubles were:
Bethanie Mattek-Sands (USA) making it her 2nd title of the Australian Open in doubles.
Lucie Safarova (Czech Republic) making it her 2nd title of the Australian Open in doubles.

The winner of the Mixed Doubles was:
Abigail Spears (USA) making it her 1st title of the Australian Open in mixed doubles.
Juan Sebastian Cabal (Columbia) making it his 1st title of the Australian Open in mixed doubles.

Hope you all enjoyed watching the Australian Open 2017 and I look forward to next year.

NBA All-Star Reserves Announced

Hi everyone,

As you know the NBA All-Star starters were announced last week. The reserves who were chosen by the head coaches have been announced today.

The reserves in the Eastern Conference are:
Paul George (Pacers) – 4th All Star appearance
Kevin Love (Cavaliers) – 4th All Star appearance
Kyle Lowry (Raptors) – 3rd All Star appearance
Paul Millsap (Hawks) – 4th All Star appearance
Isaiah Thomas (Celtics) – 2nd All Star appearance
Kemba Walker (Hornets) – 1st All Star appearance
John Wall (Wizards) – 4th All Star appearance

The reserves in the Western Conference are:
DeMarcus Cousins (Kings) – 3rd All Star appearance
Marc Gasol (Grizzlies) – 3rd All Star appearance
Draymond Green (Warriors) – 2nd All Star appearance
Gordon Hayward (Jazz) – 1st All Star appearance
DeAndre Jordan (Clippers) – 1st All Star appearance
Klay Thompson (Warriors) – 3rd All Star appearance
Russell Westbrook (Thunder) – 6th All Star appearance

Now that all the selections have been made and there is a full team for the Eastern and Western conference makes it very exciting. All the players who were selected are really good and I cannot wait for the All Star game which is being held in New Orleans. It will be a very entertaining game like always.

Game Review (WWE 2k17)


Today I will be reviewing WWE 2k17. While I don’t really follow or watch the WWE the game is actually really fun. For anyone who likes action, fighting or just a massive WWE fan than I recommend you to get this game.

WWE 2k17:
WWE 2k17 is a very fun fighting game. It is similar to the actual WWE as it has the many different matches you can play in just a regular gameplay either by yourself or with another opponent. While this is more fun to play with other people something that is fun to play on your own is my career. My career is basically creating your own character and fighting your way in the WWE. Starting off in the NXT you have to fight your way by winning game and upgrading your player to get into RAW and Smackdown. By winning matches increases your players popularity and virtual currency earned which can help you upgrade your player and it does provide you with other things outside my career such as buying players which you can use in normal gameplay. Once playing in my career rivalries can start and you can see who your rival is or who is not your rival on the my career homepage. In terms of difference to previous WWE games there were not a lot of changes so for someone who has played before it is very similar to last years game. Overall it is a very fun game and I recommend it to all of the people who like fighting/wrestling games and I also recommend it to all of the WWE fans as it is a fun and entertaining game to play.
IGN Rating: 8.2/10
My Rating: 8.5/10

You can purchase WWE 2k17 by clicking on the images below.

NFL Finals 2016-17 Season

Hey everyone,

So as most of the NFL fans probably know that the conference finals for NFL are over and we can see the clear winners of each conference. These teams will face each other in the Super Bowl which take place on the 5th of February in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium.

The winner of the National Football Conference is Atlanta Falcons.

The winner of the American Football Conference is New England Patriots.

These teams will be facing off in the Super Bowl and I am sure many of the fans will go down to Houston to watch the game live and many others will be watching from their own home. Good luck to your team and if you are a major fan of either team you can purchase jerseys, beanies, hats or bags using the links below.

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NBA All Star Starters Revealed

Hi all sports fans,

For the NBA fans out there, the NBA All Star voting has come to the end and the NBA All Star starters have been announced. Here are the results.

The starters in the East are:
Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) – 4th All Star appearance
DeMar DeRozan (Raptors) – 3rd All Star appearance
Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks) – 1st All Star appearance
Jimmy Butler (Bulls) – 3rd All Star appearance
Lebron James (Cavaliers) – 13th All Star appearance

The starters in the West are:
Stephen Curry (Warriors) – 4th All Star appearance
James Harden (Rockets) – 5th All Star appearance
Anthony Davis (Pelicans) – 4th All Star appearance
Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) – 2nd All Star appearance
Kevin Durant (Warriors) – 8th All Star appearance

Are you happy with the results? Did your favourite player make it as a starter?

Stay tuned as next week is when the All Star reserves are announced!

NFL Playoffs 2016-17 Season

Hi all sports fans,

As many of the NFL fans know that the NFL playoffs have been underway and with the wildcard and divisions rounds now over we are up to the conference championships. The conference championships will take place on the 22nd of January.

The teams facing each other from the American Football Conference are:
Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

The teams facing each other from the National Football Conference are:
Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons

Which teams do you think will be the champions in their conference and face each other in the Super Bowl? Let me know in the comments section below.

I will keep you posted on the results!

Game Review (NBA 2K17)

Hi all,

Today I will be giving a gaming review on NBA 2K17. I have this game and I love it. I recommend it to all NBA and basketball fans.

This is a great game for all NBA and basketball fans. There are many ways you can play where you can play regular games or play online plus there are many other terrific features such as my Career, my GM and my League. My Career is great as you can create your own player where you start off choosing a college and playing college ball until getting drafted into the NBA and you can control your own destiny playing in the NBA and increasing your statistics. My League and My GM are very similar. You firstly have an option to use the NBA as it is or do a league expansion. A main difference between the two is that in my League you are owning a league, where as my GM you are being a General Manager (GM) of a team of your choice. Both of those options are very fun in their own way. In the my League and my GM you deal with more of the behind the scenes things of the NBA like trades, contracts, player and coaches satisfaction and you cam also play the game or simulate the game if you wish. NBA 2k17 is very fun and the best NBA 2K game out so far.
IGN Rating: 8.9/10
My Rating: 9/10

You can purchase NBA 2k17 by clicking on the images below.