The NBA trade deadline is approaching quite fast as it will end on 23rd of February. So teams that want to make a trade need to act quick as they will not be able to make a trade after this until next season. While there have quite a few trades I will discuss a few of the most recent trades that have happened in the past weeks.

Last Week 3 trades happened.

Denver traded Jusuf Nurkick and a 2017 first-round draft pick to Portland for Mason Plumlee, a 2018 second-round draft pick and cash.
This trade is a smaller trade out of some of the recent trades but it was actually something that benefited Portland a little more than Denver. While Denver have a talented centre in Nikola Jokic and forwards in Chandler, Faried and Gallinari, Plumlee is not really needed unless injury happens to occur. While he does get playing time in Denver it is not too much that is significant as most of the other bigger guys have a bigger role in the rotation. For Portland Jusuf Nurkick was a good pick up and will be a part of the rotation. He played well in his first game in Portland but lets see if he continues to succeed after the all-star break.

Cleveland traded Chris Andersen and cash to Charlotte for a protected 2017 second-round draft pick.
This trade is the smallest out of all the recent trades and is not too significant for either team.

Toronto traded Terrence Ross and a 2017 first-round draft pick to Orlando fro Serge Ibaka.
This trade is quite significant and Toronto got the better deal. While Ross is a good player Ibaka is a much better player and good enough to help make a difference in a team. While both players will be their teams rotation I do believe Ibaka will make a huge difference and give the help that Lowry and DeRozan need in order for Toronto to continue the success they have been having and push them far in the playoffs. The pick Orlando received is not that significant as Toronto are a top team in the East and their pick will be closer to the end.

This week is the final week and many trades have happened as the deadline is approaching to an end. One of the biggest trades that exploded on the web and is the most significant of all trades that have happened. This trade was done during/after the all-star game.


New Orleans traded Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, Tyreke Evans, 2017 first-round and second-round draft picks to Sacramento for DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi.
This trade went crazy all over the internet. Lots of people having different opinions about this trade. Some feeling it might not work for New Orleans, or New Orleans gave up too much. Others thinking that Sacramento got too little, or was silly to trade away their superstar. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion I think this trade benefits New Orleans a lot. Omri Casspi is a great shooter and good scoring option off the bench but the biggest deal of the trade was DeMarcus Cousins and he is teaming up with Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday and it will make this team a whole lot better and even increase their chances of making it into the playoffs. If everything works out this team will be scary as it has two of the best big men in the league. While Cousins has had some trouble in Sacramento this season picking up around 17 technical fouls I would think that New Orleans will be able to help him a little to try and change that. A risk of this trade that New Orleans may face is that Cousins may not choose to re-sign with them after his contract expires. Lets hope for New Orleans sake that they can re-sign him.

Other trades were

Lakers traded Lou Williams to Houston for Corey Brewer and a future draft pick.
I think this is a very even trade. Houston picked up a solid guard that will provide good scoring off the bench. Lakers received a solid forward and a future draft pick to help them in the continuing of their rebuilding phase. Both players will be apart of each others rotation While Houston is already a very good team, Lakers will be a good team again in a few years to come.

Brooklyn traded Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough to Washington for Andrew Nicholson, Marcus Thorton and a 2017 protected first-round draft pick.
Wizards got the better deal from this trade. Wizards received Brooklyn’s best small forward in Bogdanovic. He will greatly help Washington reducing the load off John Wall and Bradley Beal. He is a great pickup and if he is not starting he will still get a lot of minutes off the bench. Brooklyn did receive some role players and while they may help Brooklyn a little I do not expect these players to help them greatly improve on their record.

Philadelphia traded Ersan Ilyasova to Altanta for Tiago Splitter and 2017 protected second-round draft pick.
This trade also involved both teams swapping 2017 second-round picks with each other. Atlanta got the better trade in terms of the player. Ilyasova is a good player and will help Atlanta in the front court. He should get some regular minutes in Atlanta. Philadelphia on the other hand has a lot of centres and Splitter is another centre who has problems with injuries. Hopefully Philadelphia has a plan because there is no need to have so many centres on the same team.

While the trade deadline is near I am sure there will be some last minute trades that will happen. If you want to hear more about sports or games please follow my page.

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