The NBA trade deadline is nearing as it is on the 23rd of February 2017. This is the time where the General Managers of each team try and discuss trades for players they believe will help their team. Here are 5 teams that I think should make a trade before the deadline.

1. Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls have had a disappointing season. While they are not doing terrible they are not doing good as people may have expected them to do before the season started. They have been inconsistent and are hanging around the 7th-8th spot in the Eastern Conference. With the signings of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo at the beginning of the season many thought they would be a top team in the East. There has been some problems between the Bulls management staff and Rondo. So this team should make a trade to help the team play more consistent and increase there chances of staying in the top 8. Being unsure if another team will take on Rondo, the Bulls could possibly trade Gibson which can give them a good player in return and can help them be more consistent.

2. New York Knicks
The New York Knicks have been a very inconsistent team throughout the whole season. While they have a roster that is very different than last year with new additions in the backcourt of Derrick Rose, Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings things have not seemed to work too well with the team. Rose with his injury history and Lee and Jennings being inconsistent is not helping them as they are currently sitting out of the top 8 in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks should consider trading for another guard to help them bolster up their backcourt which can make them a more consistent team and make a playoff push.

3. New Orleans Pelicans
The New Orleans Pelicans are a team that is struggling in the Western Conference. With them around 3.5 games away from 8th spot. They need another player which can help Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday in order to make a playoff push. After signing some decent defensive players in free agency and the addition of rookie Buddy Hield it hasn’t helped the team too much overall. With coach Alvin Gentry now using a small ball lineup the Pelicans can consider trading either Omer Asik or Alexis Ajinca as neither of these big men are getting playing time in a small ball lineup. While Asik is harder to trade due to his large contract, Ajinca is the best option for the Pelicans to trade.

4. Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns are a team that is struggling and currently at the bottom of the Western Conference. With too many guards on the team it is hard for everyone getting an even spread of minutes. With Devin Booker and Eric Bledsoe doing a good job as the starting backcourt, the best player for them to trade is Brandon Knight as they will get the best return from him out of the other remaining guards that are on the bench. With Knight being on another team his playing time will increase and the Suns will also benefit from this.

5. Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers have improved a lot more this season due to Joel Embiid now being healthy and available. But there are too many big men and its hard to find an even amount of playing time for each. The 76ers should consider either trading Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel as they there is not much need for keeping all 3 of them. Both the 76ers and either big men will benefit from this. For 76ers trading one of the big men they can get a guard or a first round draft pick in return and for either Okafor or Noel they will have an increase in playing time in another team that needs help in the front court.

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