Hi all NFL fans,

As most of you know the Super Bowl for the NFL this season have recently finished. The final result being the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. It was a very exciting game. The game after four quarters ended up in a tie of 28 all, taking the game to overtime to determine the winner and it was the New England Patriots who ended up being the champions of this season. During the pepsi half time show it was Lady Gaga doing a live performance. She is a good entertainer so I am sure many of the fans either watching it live or on tv enjoyed her performance.

The New England Patriots have won their 5th Super Bowl championships.
The Super Bowl MVP was Tom Brady from the New England Patriots and he had a very incredible stat line. He is a 5 time Super Bowl champion and his stats for this final game was 43 completed passes out of his 62 attempts which he gained 466 yards and he had 2 passing touchdowns and 1 interception thrown. He has had a great season to go along with his amazing career.

Tom Brady celebrating a touchdown during the second half of the 2017 Super Bowl. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings) (Source: Inquirer.net)

For the Atlanta Falcons their quarter back Matt Ryan didn’t do to bad himself. He had 17 completed passes out of 23 attempts which he gained 284 yards and he had 2 passing touchdowns.

It was a very good and entertaining NFL season this year with many exciting regular season games and playoff games. Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning their 5th Super Bowl which I am sure the Patriot fans were extremely happy about.

The 2017-18 NFL season will take place on September the 7th 2017 so hope you all will tune in for the next season as I am sure it will be just as entertaining as last season. I cannot wait for next season to start and to find out who will be the next Super Bowl champions.

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